My husband wishes to end the nonsense

My husband has been insulted by what my fellow Filipinas said about the new president and for saying that the Government is “stealing money from the rich and give it to the poor.” So when my husband heard about that, he felt that he needed to voice out his opinion as well (he wrote about it on his blog but took it off to avoid further escalation). Moreover, he is also one of the many Americans who worked hard all their lives to earn a living and the “Social Security”. That is why he wrote trying to explain what the U.S.A. Government is doing and defended Barack Obama that people shouldn’t be saying what they say especially when they have no proof. Some of you “fear for America because you think Barack Obama is a Muslim and a terrorist”-people can read between the lines you know. That is why he tried hard to make you understand, but the result is you just couldn’t understand it. The Democratic Party is in favor of the unfortunate; that the Democrats understand the fact that people could not work for the rest of their lives. And that most of all when they become ill being old or become disabled, which is why the “Social Security and Unemployment Insurance” benefits was created in the first place-it serves as an insurance policy for them.
My husband thought of us Filipinas to be the firsts to know what it’s like to be struggling trying to survive in this world knowing where most of us came from. So he expected us to fully understand it since we lived it. In turn you threw things at him that he felt it was insulting for you to do so-my husband only responded the way you guys made him feel. My husband is standing up for his rights being one of the many retirees (being under attack as lazy relying on handouts as if they didn't earn it) living on Social Security Income, because they worked hard to put in for their retirement. I don't see anything wrong with that or even look at it as so hard to understand. Anyway, for so you learn what it does, you should see about how you can earn yours by reading "How Credits are earned". You can plan your retirement and if you do well with putting in for it; you will have a comfortable life later when you are no longer able to hustle and bustle to keep up with the demand for younger workers, or when nobody wants to hire you for a job anymore because you should be retired. When we reach old age we’ll find it out for ourselves, and only then we’ll know what it means to have a Social Security Income coming in every month. Remember the more you earn the more you will receive someday, cool isn't? How nice though for those who manages to continue to work because they have more extra money. The only problem is; those of you who think it is stealing are just not getting it, why the American Government is providing its people financial benefits. Actually we have the same thing back home, and my father will be claiming his Social Security benefit soon, too. Now my husband wishes to not go on with such discussion any longer because it is becoming dirty. However, I will post the next topic about Filipinas marrying old western men, next.

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