A little lady in the house

Our daughter Tiana is curious, and likes to be glamorous-well, like mommy...LOL. When I put make up on, I have to worry about her and Hannah wanting to do the same. They both destroy things that belongs to mommy; like make up, lipsticks, etc, whaterver they can get their hands on that they find lying around. See, just like some time ago, Tiana came home from school, and when she saw my high hilled shoes (1-2 inches) on the floor, she took and wore them-Tiana and Hannah usually do that. Then her father asked her if she wanted to tag along to the store-to grocery shop, and, of course, she didn't refuse. So they went, only Tiana, I guess, forgot that she had my shoes on. Boy, when they got to the store, she was walking so noisy that women would stop, look, and giggle. It made my husband wonder why? But then, finally he heard Tiana walked noisily wearing my shoes...LOL. He had to laugh, too. It was funny. I should have taken a picture. Our Tiana is comical sometimes, she is still immature at her age, spoiled by dad because she was the only child around us before her baby sister came along. Imagine, 6 years later. Anyway, this is all for now, thank you all for your support, that you always remember me, that you stop by my blog every once in a while, and leave a little note to let me know you visit me. Thanks!

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kitty said...

see that's just the fun things that girls can do, my lil boy I can't share any moments like those hehee, aww wish ko lang talaga one day I wold have a girl ren to share some of my girly things hehee. musta na, ate Ana? I'm pretty sure you're busy there. just like to leave some love and wishing you a great monday!!


God bless

Anonymous said...

Wow ^^ I remember my niece doing the same to her mother (my sister). Your daughter must really be a sweetheart :)

Annita said...

sorry, the anonymous was me, Annita of ^^"

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