The latest political dress code!

You've gotta have your suit jacket on in your office if you are a conservative republican and the president! That is apparently an issue now with the new president. That reminds me of my fellow Filipina who attacked me for not doing what others are doing. I can't be different; I have to adhere to the tradition. Sometimes it doesn't work though because we are all so different that we can't generalize. As for Mr. President Barack Obama, I see nothing wrong with him making himself comfortable in his office-it's his office after all. He is still decent, it is not like he doesn't have his shirt on, which by the way would entertain those who think he is charming, of course! Maybe it bothers him to have his jacket on considering that his job is stationary. Is it just him, or, is he actually among the many jacketless presidents before? I know I wouldn't feel so comfortable with it because it would make me feel like I have a heavy coat on. It gets uncomfortable to be fully dressed with a heavy suit on when you are working all day. I think people need to lighten up there and not make such a big deal over something like that. However, for others it is follow the leader; keeping the tradition going even if it means some people are uncomfortable with it. There are those who walk the extra mile to show their respect, honor the founders, etc. Well, with me I will only do so if I see it fit. And I tell you, it makes me glad I wasn't born in places where people keeps their traditions going even though they are utterly painful-actually senseless to some of us. I couldn't see myself doing something foolish and painful for the sake of keeping a tradition alive...ew! Not me anyway. I am different and couldn't take things as is if I couldn't see and think for myself. It'll never happen. I am not much of a follower, I'll tell you that. It goes to show that my birth numerology is right that "I am not so good at taking orders because I am better at giving them"...LOL. Alright this is all for now. As for the photo below I am not sure if it is Barack Obama because it could have been edited using a Photoshop. But I thought it is interesting. Our new president is definitely daring enough to make his fashion statement in the Oval Office. The former president George W. Bush Jr. (Ahah! Look who else is talking!) made it a rule to keep your suit jacket on-I read, but it is all changed now. Take your new dress code from Barack! He knows what works; I mean really he looks fine to me.

Photo grabbed from the Political Humor Gallery of Barack Obama

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Rolly said...

He looks great. I love him.

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