My common writing mistakes

First off, I transferred my favorite blog template here. It's simple yet modern and I like the design. I think I will keep my new template here, at least for a while. Anyway, I actually spent some time just editing my blog and categorizing my posts. I found it such a hassle since I posted almost 800 posts already. What a headache and it took me to stay up late to get most of my posts sorted out. I am finally done though... Whew! The categories are not exactly very well thought out, but I think they'll have to do because I am not willing to redo my work. Well, not unless I get bored again:). I had to think small and simple to make my work easier for me. I am making my blogs as simple as possible. By the way, I should not waste my time talking about nonsense here. I'll have to find something better to write about. I have to consider my fans, too, you know; este the audience pala...LOL.
Oh...yeah, another thing. I am also in the process of editing my posts for countless grammatical errors and wrong abbreviations-not to mention missing words. Goodness, my English needs a lot of work! I could not believe how silly I sound with all the LOL I used. So, while I was doing my corrections I realized that I really need to take ESL. My English skill is really poor and my vocabulary is too limited. I will have to take time to learn English. Speaking and writing English correctly is important to me, especially when I am a freelance blogger. I want to be able to speak English fluently and write correctly-it is actually part of my goals. Now since I learned my common writing mistakes I am trying hard not to over abbreviate my sentences and double my phrases that mean the same. I heard it pays to go to school and get a good education. I wish I can be a nurse or an engineer someday. That is so far just a wish. Perhaps I am only dreaming. It seems impossible because it costs a lot of money-thousands! I dream big don't I.

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