Yahooh... We made it to the year 2009!!!

I hope everyone had a fine time welcoming the year 2009! My people as I know of, usually stays up until 12 A.M to welcome the New Year. I can even still remember that I stayed up the whole night. And as just a young girl at the time, I surprised myself that I was able to do so. Holidays are sure better spent with family, friends, and relatives. I like it if my relatives come over to spend the holidays with us, as it just makes all the difference to make the holiday so much more fun and exciting. Over here, we only have ourselves unless, of course, some of our relatives decide to take the extra mile with traveling just to come to our house for the holidays. Now as for my New Year resolution, maybe I should not have any, because nothing really happens like I often hoped. One thing for sure though, I would need to save money from here on. I learned how important saving money is, especially with meeting goals. So, that is what I'll try. I always say I need to save money, but I'll see if I can put my money where mouth is. I wish that this year will bring better things and opportunities for all of us. Alright, I've got to go for now. Happy New Year!!!

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rissa said...

happy new yr An and family. i have a new yr's resolution but i'll just keep it to myself, lol! amen to the last 2 sentences of ur entry!

oh, thanks for the greeting card on friendster. wala nako kahimo for new yr, hehe! hugs and kisses to the girls.

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