You can die instantly from a heart failure

Indeed, as perhaps that is what happened to someone in my family back home. My uncle suddenly died just yesterday; the 26th in the Philippines. We are guessing that his cause of death is a heart failure. He had a heart attack and died instantaneously. Some people die instantly if they are having a heart attack. Just like with what my husband was telling me that one of the good basketball players died instantly of a heart attack. He was shooting the ball in the air and fell to the ground already dead. Also the man that my husband considered his surrogate father died of a heart attack right in front of him. He said that the man died instantly and did not even know what hit him. At first, he had a minor heart attack and recovered for several minutes, and then he was asked if he was aware of what is happening to him, he simply said "no". He didn't feel a thing nor know he was having a heart attack at all. And when he had another heart attack shortly after-a massive one, he died. Some heart attacks are actually instant and painless if the person having it doesn't even know it nor feel it. If my uncle died of a heart attack, then I hope he had the same thing; that he died painlessly. He was at least not murdered and I am thankful he didn't go that way. All his pains and sufferings finally ended. May he rest in peace and may it be better on the other side of this human world if there is such. It saddens me to see people like him go as he is not even very old. We will surely miss him dearly, and it was nice to see him again even just in the pictures.
Life is ever so unpredictable, that is why we need to enjoy our time here as much as possible and while we can do so. "Live life each day as if it is your last" as the saying goes. So we should live it up if we can for tomorrow we may not be here. Here today gone tomorrow as people say it. Okay, see you next time.

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