Our '08 Christmas tree is up

At last our Christmas tree is up. That is what I have been busy on for the last few days. Holidays sure can make people busy especially broke when they over spend; going beyond their means. As for us, we try to minimize our spending since we want to be prepared for any unexpected expenses. That is especially my husband; he doesn't want to owe anything. While I am a bit of a spender but I work hard. In other words; I work hard and play hard. Mainly just when it comes to shopping though-that is why I have a Shopping Blog...LOL. Anyway, let me share what our Christmas tree look like. It is simple but it is quite pretty and when the night comes, it is spectacular. Indeed the pictures couldn't compare as to how it looks when it is dark and have all its lights on flashing or twinkling. Our children get so excited seeing the tree as they love all the fancy decorations on it. In fact, our little one if not supervised would start harvesting the ornaments and literally re-arrange how it is decorated...LOL. Okay, this is all for now. I have a couple of snap-shots here of the night and day look of our Christmas tree.


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jennyr said...

hi ann...buti pa u nakataud na sa tree. kami nganhi wala pa gyud, grabeh man gud katugnaw these past few days...excited nko magdecorate pod. nice looking tree u have there, i bet u guys had fun decorating that!

rissa said...

very pretty nga ang tree ninyo An. ours is mainly blue, hehe! thanks for sharing the pics of ur tree with us.

Lily said...

Hi Ana, salamat sa pag duaw sa akong blog ha, Anyways,yes pag christmas na nindot gyud mag decorate sa x-mas tree. labina ang mga bata mag enjoy sab, nindot imong christmas tree .ako sab human na, ako little helper apil sab og decorate kaso most of the time like yours ibalhin balhin sab ang mga naka sabit samok kaau pero amping man sab siya di matagak.

Na sige Ana ari nako take care and enjoy the tuesday.

Merry christmas in advance kaninyo dinha.

Merydith said...

Suyaa nako ninyo An uy amo wala pa jud. Di pa jud mi ka figure out asa ibutang kay si Frankie iya man hilabtan for sure. He is on his exploring stage pa. Last option namo sa second bedroom para lang naay butangan ang mga gifts. Gorgeous looking tree.

mecozz said...

congrats, happy christmas and happy new year

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