Pacman beats the Golden Boy!!!

Manny Pacquiao & Oscar Dela Hoya
I am not fond of any sports that involves physical violence but I like to share a little about my fellow Filipino; Manny Pacquiao. This is after all unlike any other fights he fought. Well, this time he fought with the undefeated champion Oscar Dela Hoya and wow! He actually won it! A lot of people thought that Pacman would not be able to beat the Golden Boy but he did it...yahooh!!! However, there are always those who calculate everything. Just like with what I read that Manny had the advantage of being "younger" and so he could throw punches "faster" than his opponent. His strength and speed made it all possible for him to win. I mean it all factored in to him winning it, but I think you have to be born with the power to be the best though-to win so to speak. Also to counter those claims, we have to look at Oscar being that he is taller and bigger. To me they make a fair boxing match. Dela Hoya was even so confident about their upcoming fight that "there would be a knockout" he said, but no, he was wrong...LOL. Now such accomplishment really put Manny Pacquiao on the pedestal as being the greatest boxer of Asia or from the Asian continent. How nice and I am happy for him and his family. He made the Philippines proud.
Everyone can be good at what they do but only a few can be the greatest. Manny Pacquiao proved that you can be the greatest, which, of course, sets an example to all of us. It is the will, perseverance, and determination that can get you there. People that do amazing things are really inspiring. As for Oscar Dela Hoya, there is a lesson to be learned in his case. Indeed, and it's realizing your greatest achievement as one. And another as knowing how far you should go or climb the ladder of success that you set your limits not to put yourself in a situation where it is possible for you to fall, or, that you could fall and lose it all. So, Oscar Dela Hoya should have stayed being retired instead of bouncing back and only to lose anyway. That is what most fighters don't seem to learn that once you achieve the highest rank, you should stay there. Gamblers do the same, when they win big they still keep going; gambling until they end up losing it all. They have to learn the hard way. I hope Manny won't make that mistake. He should learn from his latest opponent. He is going to be put to shame if he ever loses to someone new. He reached his ultimate goal there by fighting with Oscar Dela Hoya saying he "would not feel wholesome as a boxing champion if he is not able to beat the Golden Boy." And now that he made that happen, that should be it; enough-I am hoping...LOL. That is because usually they just never learn. Anyway, this news is a little late. Sometimes I like to share a lot of things I find interesting, but then I wind up being too late with sharing them. I am way behind schedule…LOL, sorry folks!

P.S. "The World's Greatest" song by R. Kelly fits him so well...congrats to Manny!

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