My mestiza cousins finally visited home

What a surprise for me to hear my sister Nora uttering that our cousins in New Zealand finally visited home. We have two cousins residing in New Zealand. They are sisters and one of them is still very much single este married na pala eh just this year-she is my sister Nora's age. The other one is married with two adorable children. I hope we get to see them again even if only in the pictures. And if they come to visit my family back home, we would be able to see them live on webcam. I am so looking forward to see them. They are gorgeous, you know, as they inherited their father's Spanish look (the Spaniard's legacy in the Philippines) being fair-skinned with prominent noses. So they are fortunate to be viewed as beautiful physically. Some of my cousins are lucky to be both tall and beautiful. In my father's side of the family, I have cousins who are as tall as 5' 6". Anyway from how we all look at things differently, our opinions really differ as to how we define beauty. My definition of physical beauty may not be the same as how others define it. I have had numerous times when the people I think are beautiful totally look different to my family members. They have just the opposite of opinions which always brings me back to learn that "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". However, since western features have been capitalized as the highest standard of beauty, we tend to get carried away with thinking that beautiful is if the person looks more western. We are given the pre-defined beauty that became our standard for beauty in general. But then it all goes back to the eye of the beholder to solely tell if one is beautiful. Not you nor I can tell the other person who may differ from what we think is beautiful. Just like with what happens to me each time I show someone I think is beautiful or handsome, my family members don't always totally agree with me. It's disappointing if I have to say, that I can be thinking this guy is gorgeous, yet, to others he is just the opposite...LOL. Okay, back to my cousins. Well, I am wondering how they have changed especially when it's been years since we last saw one another. I heard that they look even more beautiful now. There is no doubt because more often than not, good looking people can only look better and some are lucky enough to grow old gracefully. I'll have to share my cousins' pictures here if I get any.

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