A free trip around the world!

Wti_affiliate-bannerThat's right, if you have what it takes to join the World Traveler Internship and win it, you can travel the world for free! Indeed, through the courtesy of the STA Travel-the world's largest student and youth travel company. Now if you are someone who loves traveling you should see about it. You just never know that you might get lucky and be chosen for one of the two interns needed to video blog a trip around the world. It will definitely be an adventure of a lifetime for you if you are chosen. You can explore the beauty of the world and experience what the different cultures have to offer. Then, share all the fun you had with the STA Travel Community or other Youth/STA Students. Wow! Imagine how fascinating it must be to be able to see what the rest of the world is like. And, of course, meet new people from all over the world. So, there you go, if you crave for adventures and fun you should check it out because you could be chosen for one of two world traveler interns 2009! Joining is easy because you just need to make a video of yourself explaining why you should be the traveler intern for 2009. Now if you are convincing enough, for sure, you will earn an intern spot and get to live it up! Just think that you can travel the world without having to worry about paying for anything. Who could possibly pass that up? It is really a once in a lifetime travel opportunity. By the way, everyone will be a winner, but that is if they make it to the top ten because there are prizes for runners up, too. For more information though, please be sure to visit and perhaps get the details about all the prizes in case you make it to the top ten. Good luck!


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genial said...

ofcourse whenever we're not spent our own money... it's obviousely nice and exciting... lmao...

take me there then :)

Ana P. S. said...

Ah, I wrote it during the wee-hours of the night in which I wasn't able to think clearly. However, I got to revise my post for correction. Okay, thanks for the feedbacks!

Schone said...

yes, me too i am not use to the weather here. i live in nebraska and its sooooo super cold. but its okay now because spring is coming. summer here is very hot, my husband said. but its okay. and yes, we are the same, i also like to live near the ocean.

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