A little about what holodomor is

So, what is it exactly? Well, a lot of people are still in a controversial debate about how it should be defined or which definition it falls under. As a matter of fact, Viktor Yuschenko is one of the Ukrainian politicians who have argued that famine may have been designed as an attack on Ukraine; so therefore, it should fall under the legal definition of genocide. Anyway, from how I understand it, I learned that it is about the many millions of Ukrainians, Russians, Kazakhs and other nationalities in the USSR that starved to death. It all happened when Joseph Stalin was in power. You see, he designed a policy called "collectivization of agriculture" that required peasantry. The Communist governments of the Republics of the Soviet Union caused millions of farmers to lose their lives by being starved to death and being thrown out of their homes and out in the cold to die. Starvation was their punishment for not being submissive. Indeed, with those who resisted Stalin's idea did not make it alive; they were even tortured in an effort to disclose hidden grains. Imagine that, so in the process Stalin's regime literally mass murdered between 7,000,000 to 10,000,000 innocent men, women and children to be able to support his ineffective policy and also to terminate the Ukrainian nationalism-which was more likely out of his paranoia, according to some people. My! What a brutal and selfish man he was. To many, the famine is not in any way a natural catastrophe but man-made considering it as being a crime against humanity and should never be tolerated, which is why people should be aware of what holodomor (formerly known as golodomor) is about. Let us educate ourselves on world history, so such catastrophic event may never happen again. Violence and doing what Joseph Stalin did and others alike cannot be tolerated.

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