I miss the warm weather

We are currently still feeling under the weather. The cold weather here in Michigan gets us down every year, which makes me wish we can move to some place that is warm. I miss the warm weather because, you know, we used to reside in the West Coast particularly in California, but had to move due to a job situation. Now we are wishing we hadn't moved because we are not so good with handling the cold weather, especially when we have small children. They get sick so often and it is a drag. Sometimes I ask my husband to think about looking for a State where it is warm all year long. And perhaps Arizona would be a good place for us to consider since his sister and niece live there. They have been inviting us to visit them as they recently moved there and each bought lovely houses. I personally wouldn't mind living in Arizona for its warm weather and the fact that it is closer to California where we used to live. Now if we ever move again, it's nice to know that looking for a house to buy is not so hard. You see, we already know where we can find one as there are these Scottsdale Fine Properties just waiting for interested buyers. I am always willing to move across country because it is exciting. I just hope that if we do so, it will be somewhere nice and warm and close to the ocean.

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