The new performance-based social media

Things are quickly changing when it comes to online marketing as I learned that there is a new way for online marketers to capture the attention of their audiences. And just to throw in my 2 cents, I think it is effective and much more affordable. Now if you are a marketer all you really have to worry about is pay for the results. So it is a great deal and so for those of you out there who is looking to maximize your ROI, I would recommend that you see what the performance social media can do for you. Here is an overview to make you better understand how it works: "PerformApps™ by JellyBarn, Inc. is a no-risk service allowing brands to launch targeted social application campaigns that travel virally, capture attention, and drive revenue. All on a pay-for-performance basis!" Well, is not that money saving when there is no experimental stage of marketing for you to wait on? There is definitely no wasted time and money if it works as efficient as it sounds. I mean; why waste time and money by ending up with paying large fees based on time and material models for developing the application alone when you can get right down to business. With it you can expect that your application campaigns will travel virally being distributed on niche web publishers and Social Networks, like Facebook, Myspace, bebo, and many other social networking sites that are engaging to online users. If I were a marketer, I would not hesitate to give it a try, really because I know those networking sites are engaging. Just see the image below for an example.

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