The 8 things I did, do and wish to do

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
1. Meeting up with my friends soon and making new friends, which make life even more fun.
2. Having a job or an online business and a lot more money coming in every month, so my life is more upbeat.
3. Getting a digital camera that make picture images pop with crystal clear quality-for my digital photography and digital scrapbooking hobbies.
4. Visiting my homeland, eating my favorite foods and seeing my people again-I can't wait!
5. Learning how to drive, having my own vehicle, and being able to go anywhere I please.
6. Going back to school and hopefully finish with flying colors...LOL-I am dreaming anyway.
7. Winning the lottery...LOL-I have got to be kidding, but if ever...traveling the world, of course!
8. Owning a bigger house that is well built and have everything my loved ones and I desire.

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
1. I was going to sleep till noon as I was sick but decided not to and went somewhere.
2. I went to see our daughter participate in Special Olympics.
3. I stopped at K-mart to get a few chicken legs and potato wedges for our little one's lunch.
4. I shopped for a few clothes and a new double tape portable stereo.
5. I sewed the hem of my newly bought pants and mixed and matched my clothes.
6. I ate dinner; steamed white rice with delicious salmon and drank a can of light beer thereafter.
7. I checked my Mobile Phone for IM and Text Messages, my Blog, MySpace and Friendster account.
8. I listened to music, danced with my adorable girls and watched TV till we all fell asleep.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
1. Learn how to drive as soon as I get all my bills paid.
2. Finish school, so I can better prepare myself for the future.
3. Figure out how to make a blog layout, build a website, etc.
3. Exercise often so I can keep my hourglass figure...LOL!
4. Know how to dress that makes me look sophisticated yet sexy...LOL!
5. Apply makeup professionally, so I can look my best-bring out my features.
6. Design clothes, sew them and have a clothing line for my business.
7. Get our house cleaned up often, if only I can keep up with our children making a mess, endlessly.
8. Go on an adventure of a lifetime, visit a few great vacation spots, eat delicious food and fruits and just unwind.

8 Shows I Watch:
1. Naked Science-National Geographics.
2. Nova/Scientific Discoveries-Educational Channel PBS.
3. MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann.
4. Extreme Home Makeover.
5. Cash Cab-Discovery Channel.
6. No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain.
7. Devine Design with Candice Olson.
8. What not to wear.

8 People I Tag:
Sis. Nora
2. Sis. Gemma
3. Fresh
4. Rica
5. Lanie P.
6. Jen L.
7. Cherry Rose
8. In-in

Tagged by: Jhaney, thanks a bunch to you because I enjoyed this tag...:).

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Merydith said...

I like this tag Anna. I will definitely do this and I hope all your wish and desires will come true.

JFS said...

Nice blog.

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