I get to party every once in a while at last!

Life has been hectic for me since I am going out a bit now. What I mean is that I am socializing for a change, which I get to hang out with my friends every once in a while. I like it as it is actually so much fun. I don't worry about the gossips because that is not important to me. What I basically care about is that I have fun and I am enjoying myself each time I am with my friends. It will certainly keep me young rather than being in the house all this time and grow old before my time. I was depressed so many times that it affected my health and I think mentally since there are times that I forget too easily. My lifestyle changed and I am glad that there are Pinays in my area here, finally, who are able to be around me without discrimination. I put up with discrimination here for a while as some of the Pinays I met here seemed to be afraid of me-if I have to say, intimidated since they avoid me and commented that I dress too sexy...LOL. Well, they haven't seen anything yet with my new friends...LOL! They don't know what sexy is until they see my friends...LOL! I guess I belong to a more provocative group of women where we can get dress as we please without someone making a fuss about it for being too sexy, etc. It's time to live it up and get out of the closet for life is too short to worry about what others may think. I know I couldn't care less anymore and I made it a point that I will have fun while I am here. That is what life is all about for me. Live the way I please as long as it is not hurting anyone. My friends rock!

My friends and I look more like a bunch of mannequins in the picture...LOL!

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