I applied for a job

I am getting tired just sitting pretty at home and going nowhere, so I applied for a job. Hopefully, I will get a call and be working somewhere around here to be able to make extra money. I am planning to save money and get things done in my life. If I sit and wait nothing will ever happen to me. I could sit at home until my hair turns gray...LOL. So, I am beginning to make a move on and change my life. I don't like inactivity, and certainly hate not having extra money in my pocket for shopping. I want my life to be more exciting, make it more interesting because oh, I get awfully bored sometimes. If I am bored I usually don't like to eat; I would have no appetite at all. I think money keeps me sane...LOL, because then I can go shopping and accomplish my goals. Shopping pleases me; it is like a girl's therapy. Having my children keeps me going with being alive because mainly they are my reason for living. Now if only I have a little of everything I will be satisfied. I don't want live a boring life, I tell you. I want to bring in excitement to it by having a little money to spend every once in a while for my expenses and yes, so I can help my family here and back home. I am not retired yet, so I am not willing to sit around...LOL, moreover, I am not that type of person anyway. I always like to be out and doing something I enjoy other than being in front of the computer and blog all day. Stay up almost all night because I can't get off the computer. That is not the kind of life I envisioned and definitely not what I intend to live.

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