How I scored in the BillsIQ quiz

I am not exactly in bad shape financially because according to the BillsIQ quiz that I recently took, I am in the middle of the road situation; not so bad but not so good either. I scored below what is considered good. If I ever get buried in debt, I guess I will just have to look into the available option which would be Debt consolidation to free myself from being in so much pressure having to pay a big amount of money every month. So far, I am not tied to paying a lot of money but with the way things are going especially with my family back home, I might just bury myself in debt. We are looking into buying my parents a property in the city, so I guess; I will have to go into debt, since I don't really have the money to be able to pay my share. I am glad though that if I get into trouble, I can always get a Debt help which will get me off from burying myself even deeper in debt. It is always nice that there are other options available to people that have financial problems. Nobody wants to be in debt really, not even I, but sometimes you are stuck in a situation where you have got you've got to do. So, you do what you can even if you have to go into debt, only it is the paying your debt off becomes the hard part. When a debt situation becomes unbearable, there is always a way out of it and that is by consulting a company that offers Debt relief which helps with lowering payments. Everybody wants to get out of debt, and because of such option, it is not so hard making monthly payments anymore.

"Oh, money where art thou?
I am shopaholic, always broke.
How will I pay my bills?

Bought a house, committed myself
in debt, how I can save money?
Life without money, boredom sits in.
No money, no vacation home."


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Race said...

Hi Ana, How are you! hay naku I'm always busy kaya minsan lang ako makadalaw here and so are you di ba? any way I've got a tag for you at my new domain please click on and kindly add my links here ha and in your other blogs! I've already added yours, thanks vm! regards and take care always!

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