I'll be driving soon

I am taking a break from school to get a few things done. First off, I need to learn how to drive, so I am finally mobile. I really dread relying on other people for a ride...even if it's my husband in particular. I especially didn't care for it when I started going to school here. It's awful not having your own vehicle and be able to come and go anytime you please. Anyway, I am looking forward to being on the road, and oh, it's another form of freedom for me as if I have wings. LOL! But for a new driver, I must take it slow though, since it's quite dangerous to be driving in the big city with heavy traffic. Okay, this is all for now. Happy Valentine's Day!

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Tri Haryadi said...

well, it's always fun to do something new. When i learn how to drive was also challenging moment for me though :D. Hopefully now you have become a good driver :).

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