Doing research

Guest post written by my buddy Aldo Mays

I was helping my co-worker research SIP trunking providers for the office. Some of our workers ended up moving to different areas of the state recently. It is too far for them to drive into work, so my boss decided it was best to let them telecommute. They are really essential parts of our work team so I do not think we could afford to lose them completely. Before, we were not really using very much video or calling using the Internet. Now, it will really help to have some service that provides a mixture of that to accommodate the new work setting. I think it is nice our boss is going to do that. It is partially for our business’ benefit, but I know they will really benefit from it as well since they will not have to suffer a long commute or searching for a new position elsewhere. The job market is pretty difficult right now. It makes me really glad I am a part of such a nice small company and it is good to know we will have the software and capabilities to work from more places if needed.

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