My winter semester is almost over!

It's exciting to think that I only have a week to go and school is over. Ah, who doesn't like to sit around and do nothing...LOL! So ok, I am just kidding aside there, but seriously who doesn't like having some time to relax? Anyway, as for how I am doing with school, I must admit that it has helped me in terms of polishing my English skill a bit. Indeed, although my classes were mainly about essay writing. And hey, I am proud to say that I did very well in almost all of my writing assignments. I hardly had any problems. I am glad that taking an English class is behind me now though, because I was getting kinda frantic about what I'd write about next...LOL! My academic progress is so far so good! The only thing that holds me back is my tendency to take for granted the things that I should do firsthand. I did have a lot of play time, etc. doing everything else but study. I felt ashamed of myself for being careless, but at the same time happy to think that even though I didn't put in enough effort to see my full potential I still managed to maintain good grades or attain my desired GPA. I'll consider myself lucky for now...LOL!

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