You have to be a defensive driver in Michigan

In Michigan, so far, from what we are learning you have to learn how to always be a defensive driver; otherwise it's your loss. Talking or texting on a cellphone is not illegal here that there are people who are talking or texting on their cellphones while driving. My husband was broadsided by somebody who ran a red light, but fortunately, he only lost his car and not his life. He had a close call; he could have died if the impact was a little closer to his seat. So he practically cheated death. He thinks the person who hit him was talking on a cellphone while driving. Talking/texting on a cellphone or driving under the influence is really irresponsible. Some of these people are so careless doing what they do on the road; they don't seem to realize that they can lose their lives in a flash. Driving is not fun if you have to worry about other people running into to you and, of course, kill you in the process. That is why I am not sure about driving in the city like where we are residing at the moment. It will take a while for me to drive and be on the road because of the fact that I can die too soon and too easily. I have to master being a defensive driver because I am too young to die. By the way, let me share what my husband's car look like now. Okay, you take care, always drive carefully, and please, don't talk/text or drink while driving. We're only here once and life is much too precious to let it go so soon.

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