Hidden Education

Posted by Jerold Austin

One of my children's favorite shows to watch is Handy Manny, on The Disney Channel from They love it because it is a cartoon. I love it because they are learning. It is such a well rounded show. They learn how to speak a foreign language, how to fix things and most importantly they learn to help others. The main characters are a bunch of tools and a handy man named Manny. There is also Kelly who owns the hardware store and Mr. Lopar who owns the candy store and never wants Manny's help. The show usually comes on in the morning and they often had to miss it because they had to go to school. There are so many cartoons on these days that are to violent for little children to watch. It is a relief that there is one that I have no problem letting my children watch. Now that we have satellite tv we can watch it almost anytime. I love letting my children watch a show that can teach them so many things, like having respect for people and always helping out your fellow man. The best part about Handy Manny is that they are learning and having fun at the same time.

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