Off to My Next Class Soon

Fall semester is finally coming to an end. I only have two more days left before I can say that I finished taking my first English class. I already enrolled for my second English class, which is the pre-requisite in order for me to get in the medical field of study. I actually still have to qualify...LOL! It's going to be quite a challenge. The first thing I must take is biology, and then psychology. So I'll see if I fit in the medical field. I am still weighing my options. I don't want to jump in too fast because I may not like it in the medical field. I want to keep an open mind to other field of studies. I like fashion and designing. If to say being an engineer guarantees a steady job, I would love to be a designer. However, since I am passionate about helping others, perhaps being a nurse is suitable for me. I would do well being a nurse because I am always up for assisting those in need. People who could use some assistance. Hmmm...according to my astrology signs, whatever it is that I decide to do is fine, because I will generally do well in everything I wish to do. Now that's nice to know...LOL!

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