Civil War- Go Beavers

The Author of this post is Darius Boone

In my area, the biggest college football game is the Civil War when the Ducks take on their rival team the Beavers. I have always been a Beaver fan. My uncle played college football for the Ducks and we all like to heckle him about it by rooting for the opposite team. It is so funny to see him get worked up. The whole state of Oregon will get decked out in their green and yellow or orange and black depending on their team of choice. It is a big to-do. Most every store, bar, and home in Oregon will be watching the game on their DirectTV-- just like my family will. This year, my mom bought one of those little beaver mascots that plays the fight song when you touch his foot. She plans on playing it every time the beavers make a touchdown. My uncle will have a fit!

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