I am back to blogging!!!

Hello and welcome to all! Well, here I am back to blogging. I was in hiatus for quite some time. Indeed for almost a year...LOL! My new hobby occupied me so much that I hardly had any time to share my thoughts in writing. I chatted with my family and friends instead. As for the hobby I am talking about; it was a WarCraft realistic video game. I played it with my sisters (brothers as well for a short time) and brother in laws (one of them is a serious gamer). Ah, that is how I got into the game...LOL! We all had a blast. Hmmm...I sound like I am done with it, but no, not just yet...LOL. I still visit my virtual world every once in a while when I get bored. I easily get bored you know. Aside from the game I do enjoy many other fun activities like blogging, photography, and digital-scrapbooking. And oh, let's not forget shopping-it is what gets me the most; I mean enjoy the most [wink]. I hate to admit it but I am a big time shopaholic. I have always enjoyed shopping ever since I learned how to spend money and earned it, of course...LOL! Anyway let me update you with what had happened over the past months that I didn't get to share. My grandmother (mother side of the family) passed away and I am so sorry for not being able to help her as much I wished I could. I loved her dearly and will miss her so. Those whom my family lost will always be missed so much. I wish I was able to see them before they died. Hay[sigh], buhay talaga oo. As for my uncle who was murdered, I am still in the process of helping him find justice that he richly deserved. Pride should not cost someone's life. I am slowly meeting my goals and helping my uncle is one of them. So, it is one goal at a time for me. "Things will only happen if you make them happen"-according to JFK. By the way, I am finally working...yahooh! I am so glad. I am part of the workforce now. It sure makes life much easier and ah...certainly comfortable. It is unskilled but it will do for the time being while I work on going back to school. Everything is in a slowly but surely process for me, which is not so bad considering that I will still get there someday...aha-ha! Ambisyosa kasi ako eh kaya talagang mataas ang mga pangarap ko...[blush]. Excuse me for my native tongue. Ok, I think this is all for now. See you soon. Muah...!!!

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Ana P. S. said...

Mag comment kayo dyan!

Neneng said...

Very pretty & stylish template. Welcome back blogging ah. Ako ani murag di na cguro ko mag blog. Good luck s ainyo Bebie ah.

Bebie said...

Wow, nice blog...Welcome back blogging Sistah. I hope you will never stop blogging now. Blogging is fun and help u kill your time when u get bored...luv yah...muah!!!

jennyL said...

hi Ana, welcome back sa blogging, i know you missed it so much and it's time to earn again from it diba.. thanks pala now ko lang nalaman na nagka pr ulit after many years ung blog ko haha

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