I could use a part time job aside from...

Blogging, which is no longer helping me earn the amount of money I want for my monthly income. Blogging became a part time job for me, but since it is slow, I want to try it, again, with applying for a job close to home. I convinced my husband, at last. After all, I only need a part time job to supplement my wants and needs. I'll be a part time mommy, worker, and yep...blogger, too, of course! I will be job hunting soon since I really want to be mobile. Well, I won't be bothering my husband then, to take me somewhere for a ride. I don’t want to be dependent on my husband that in case something happens to him I am as good as disabled. I could also use some more money…especially now that I am beginning to socialize. I can hang out with friends sometimes, only I hate to have to always rely on them for transportation that I can only tag along. As for my husband, he is not really a social person anymore; he doesn’t like to be out mingling with other people at his age. So, he’s sticking to being retired and that is it for him. While on the other hand, I am just the opposite who likes to party! Ever since I was a young girl, I have always been fun-loving. It used to get on my mother’s nerves because I couldn’t stay put, I either go out to watch a movie, take a stroll in the town, hang out with friends, or, go swimming, fishing any time of day…LOL! I even opted to stay in the house located in a small town/village all alone just because I wanted to be where the fun is. I guess that makes me a city girl…I enjoy living in the city. I may be a bit of a loner but I prefer city living to a country with peace and quiet living. I kinda had enough of that with our farm back home. I pretty much stayed with mah granny anyway at the village (I was her restaurant buddy) and lived in the city later in my teenage years-I loved it. I just find it more convenient and fun to be living somewhere where we have access to almost everything. That is what we have in our place right now as stores are only walking distance away from us. In fact, my children and I walk to the store or to the park to play or go swimming during the summer, which is great for our exercise. I also ride my bike whenever I feel like hanging out at a particular store just looking around shopping, I like to shop alone some of the time so I can get a good look at the sale. I am a very careful shopper as hardly anything gets by me...LOL! It drives my husband crazy because I take too long. Okay till here for now. Kind regards to everybody out there. My blabber mouth is starting again…LOL!

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ruther said...

hi ate's been a while since I alst visisted your site.

oo nga hanap ka na part time job close to home. mejo nakakabored din minsan maging full time housewife.

anyway, i moved na po from my ninjathet blogspot account to

BJMILLER said...

Wow, good nakakita naka job...sos ako diri nalang gid sa balay...sigi send niya taka pag makaluto mi send pod ko sa pinas kay nahidlaw man sila sa jerky kay sang didto ko sigi man luto Mr. padala didto...sigi ingat and good day...sos naga bagyo di oi.

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