I am socializing for a change

At last, I have a fellow pinay friend here who lives so close to me and that I am can hang out with whenever time permits. Recently, I tagged along with her and her husband to meet with other pinays being invited to Lanie P.'s Easter party, and finally, I was able to met Lanie P. as well. For years and years I have never really socialized and when I tried; some of the pinays that I met in my area let me down. Now I am beginning to enjoy my social life, again. I love it because it is fun. I just wish I can drive and have a car of my own. That will certainly take me to save money and may have to wait a long time for it to happen since I don't have a job. I talked to my husband about working but he asked me to stay home for our children for now. He can't handle our little one and furthermore it is better that I am here for our children while they are so young. I'll just use my extra time to go back to school instead and hopefully someday my life will change for the way I wish it to. Anyway, let me share a couple of pictures here to give you a glimpse. I put up all the pictures at my Friendster page and if you are not on my list, you didn't see them. Having friends makes life's journey so much more exciting and attending a get-together party every once in a while is really good for the soul.

Here we are; in the white top is Fresh (my new friend) and, of course, me in the yellow top, and in the other picture wearing a tube outfit is Lanie P. (whom I acquainted for years, online).

P.S. Thanks so much to Fresh and her husband for letting me tag along and to Lanie and family for hosting the first fun party I've ever attended, here. I had lots of fun mingling and chit-chatting with some of the friendly pinays!

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Lanie P said...

Ana, it was really nice to have you also. ~_^ I hope you will come again, I am glad that you had fun with us. ^_^ I will certainly update you on the next party.

PS: Hey, grabi namana g tyan ko s apicture! Hahaha! Laki!! Grabi, kaka hiya! Siguro yong CALAMARI yan! Hahaha! Thanks Ana. See you soon!

Ana P. S. said...

I hope to see you again din bitaw, Lan. We'll see if I can saka sana mauban ko na mga anak ko ba para maka lingaw sa ilaha ni Triz.
As for your pic, di ko na notice ang what you mentioned. You look fine sa pic oy, at kong malaking tingnan tyan mo, akin din naman eh, sa pics lang natin yan talaga. Di tayo ganon oy...LOL!

BJMILLER said...

Wow, enjoy na enjoy ka ha...thats good...ako diri enjoy then ah...minsan parang baliw minsan naman parang I own the whole world...hehehe...jokes lang...Ok sistah...have a nice hope you can visit us here someday.

Lanie P said...

An, heheh! Bosog lang tingali ko kaayo ana! Hahaha! Ingon si John basin juntis daw ko? Katawa lang mi duha. :D

I hope madala nimo imong girls next time, imong bana ha, welcome baya siya kaayo mo anhi pud. ~_^ Basin diay maka uyon siya, diba? ^_^ Basta pahibaw-on jud ka nako?

Si Leny/fresh ba may blog? Thanks!

Lanie P said...

Oosp, sorry sa may question mark sa ending. ^_^ sopposed to be just a period! Sorry jud. :D

Ana P. S. said...

Oo, Lan! I'll try to convince my husband. If not, kinda sad lang na akong mag-sa ang lumalabas...hay, buhay. Anyway, as for Leny, oo, may blog na siya. She's been doing well with posting na. Ito oh:

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