Small Biz

Contribution by Stevie Kirby

I’ve been looking into Business Internet solutions for my little company because I knew we needed to get on top of the technology needs we just weren’t living up to. I try really hard not to get too caught up in what the “important” thing to do is for your small business but even I could admit that we needed to do a little updating on the tech front. It’s just me and my assistant Shirlene and two interns and things just don’t get done as fast when you don’t have what you need to be efficient, you know? I try as hard as I can not to buy anything superfluous for the business but this is something even I can admit we’ve been needing for a while so I can handle some criticism that it took me so long. Now that we’ve got faster internet at the office I expect the productivity there to really go through the roof and I’ve told all my girls that – they’re being monitored for productivity now!

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