Our Freak Out Ride experience

What a ride! We went to a carnaval and I finally got to try the freak out ride...LOL! That was scary but not scary as to death. Well, I had fun going on it. It scared me when it went up so high (in the sky/air) as I felt like I was being thrown up in the air...LOL. I was definitely thankful that we had steel iron holding us down in our seat. Whoah...what a relief! I screamed in fear...LOL! Yep, a screamer I am. Indeed you can only scream...ahhhh!!! I could not help covering my eyes because of the height; it made me hold my breath. My daughter Tiana and I went on the freak out ride and lucky her she wasn't so freaked out as I was. The spaceship ride spook her so bad though that she came out crying. She also tried the flying kite ride and I could see her face getting red. My! Surely that was also a scary ride for her. Wooh! As for me, after the freak out ride, I thought I would take one ride at a time. I don't think I could handle another ride like the one where we are flipped upside down...LOL! Gut turning rides...LOL! See the video to see how the Freak Out Ride goes.

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