Just a little rant for now

I have been in hiatus for a while and I apologize to those of you who became my avid readers. I am sure that I disappointed you. Well, I would say...especially those of you who think so highly of me...LOL! I am just being sarcastic really and that is to my nemesis here as I know they follow my every step hoping I'll crack and they can start belittling me. To tell you the truth, I do appreciate my experience being among the many blog dwellers here, because I learned a lot. There are those who pretend they are your friends but deep inside they are really not. I am now aware of them and learned their tricks as well...LOL! Oh, I can only laugh at them actually for even when they open their filthy mouths they still end up swallowing their own words. They don't know what they are talking about other than what they can speculate about me and my life. They are a bunch of phonies and, cowards because the only way for them to share their voices is by hiding under anonymous names...blah! They must make it a habit to watch other people instead of paying attention to what they do and see the best in people. They think they are above everybody else, etc. that they start telling people how to operate online. What a joke! They obviously have a problem and we are talking about mentally...LOL. Yeah, talk about being impaired...ahahah! Anyway, enough of my murmuring here, let me get off for now. I need to catch my siblings in a game room. I am having so much fun playing with them. Whoa! It's a blast!

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Raquel said...

I live the words by "don't ruin your life in one pig". Gets mo?

Kumusta na Ana? Long time no see, he-he. Lahi na ang blogging karon ba, dili na parehas sauna nga enjoy to the max jud, karon money matters na. ha-ha..

Grace said...

Hello Ate. I have just researched all your blogs para ma add ko. OK lang ba yun? May bago kasi akong blog na menemaintain ko talaga ngayon. Yung Add mo po ako ate ha kung may time kana. Add na kita sa blog ko para madali kitang mavisit, click ko nlng ang link. God bless ate!

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