The long awaited missing link Ida

I was able to catch a TV program about the discovery of the Missing Link Ida; Darwinius masillae-half lemur and half monkey fossil primate, which is said to be the early transitional primate that supports Darwin's theory of evolution. It is what the Scientists had hoped to find for a long, long time and finally they had a break when they found it. A number of Scientists agree that such primate bridges the gap between the evolution of animals and humans. Now with that new discovery, there are people debating whether it is it or it is not it as to most God believers, there is no such thing. So, this theory of evolution even with the supporting evidence; facts still could not sway the religious folks to think otherwise that we evolved. So far, from what I am learning, both sides have their own answers; Bible/God and Atom/Big Bang. If you are religious you have God=creation, if you are not religious you have the Big Bang=evolution. The religious people say that he (God) always was there and the Scientists also say that it (the energy that formed the atom to pop as the big bang) always was there as well. The scientific studies explain that the universe originated from the Big Bang as well as the eventual existense of life while the bible on the other hand says God created everything in 6-7 days. The answers can come from either the big bang or the bible. The Creation vs. Evolution definitely makes an interesting debate. Which scenario do you believe in? Are you fully convinced that the big bang or bible has the answer to where everything came from? I am not sure if a lot of people can conclude...especially if they are among the skeptics. They will have to spend the rest of their lives searching for their own answers, or perhaps more things would be discovered in the future to give us a better understanding of how everything came about. Things could change as nothing is final, or, for certain.

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