Little Tikes loves Thomas the Tank Engine

Every little tike loves Thomas the tank engine, and ours is one of the many. She adores watching Thomas the tank engine every time she has some time to settle down. She likes to see Thomas on my laptop. She is really demanding and would tell me what she wants to watch. I find it comical for her to be such a character already at her young age-not even 2 years old, LOL. As for our eldest daughter she is a little bit demure, not so demanding anymore. She is doing her own thing. The only thing that gets me is that she hates studying. She would fight her way out of it. She hates school work. She took after her father as he was like that when he was in school. I am just the opposite though there were times that I felt lazy with studying. Anyway, our baby girl is growing fast, only she is quite skinny. She can stay up too-if we let her. In fact, sometimes she can keep us awake.

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Joy said...

My son Love THOMAS the TANK dearly!!!! He's got a collection of trains!!!! Its a good thing though,,because the show's got no violence ...

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