It rained and snowed yesterday

It is spring but we had rain and snow yesterday. It rained first then the rain turned into snow. Oh, it was cold. I thought I was going to have to wear my snow boats again to be able to go out as we were planning to take off and go shopping. But thankfully the snow stopped, and the snow on the ground quickly cleared up. It is quite bright today; sunny enough to keep it from snowing or raining-I think. I guess we can go out later. Well, we are planning about going to a store and look around for a video camera. My husband is planning to get a video camera to not miss out on special moments we have with our children. Our baby girl is such a character, so smart and definitely cute as can be, that it hurts to let a moment go by without being able to capture it. Every child is precious and every parent should take time to cherish and treasure the moments they have with their children while they are all so little and fragile. They can make you laugh and smile just looking at them. Opps...I am supposed to be talking about the weather...LOL. Yeah, the weather is good now, and we can go out for sure. And because of the weather by the way, our daughter Tiana (school girl) got sick with a cold, so she had to stay home today and take her medicine, but she is feeling better now so she wants to come along. We were actually catching a cold since the other day, but the baby and I was able to keep ourselves safe, I guess when Tiana went with dad to a store late in the afternoon, she caught a cold because the weather was shaky, I mean bad. Okay, this is all for now.

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